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Kick Scooters 101

Kick scooters are metal platforms that have handlebars and can be ridden as a means of transportation for places involving short distances. Like a skateboard, the rider drives the kick scooter via his or her foot while grabbing on to the handlebars. Many of the kick scooters nowadays feature two wheels, are created from aluminum which makes it lightweight, and are foldable so that they are easy to carry and store. Though kick scooters are usually believed to be a kid’s toy by most people, there are actually a lot of forms of it and here are some of them

The earliest forms of kick scooters have been existent for about a hundred years already.

It was made by putting roller skate wheels to a board made of wood, with a handle. To turn this kind of scooter, you have to bend over to the side where you want to go to.

The contemporary aluminum scooter was built on the late 1990s by Wim Oubother of Switzerland, under Micro Mobility Systems. On the other hand in the United States, the Razor brand of scooters became famous as well. At present, these two scooter brands are still the most famous kick scooters in the market. Additionally, their target market are kids as well as adolescents who engage in freestyle or extreme scooter.

Even though majority of kick scooters are marketed for young people, there is also a form of scooter that  is actually designed for adults. These adult kick scooters have a sturdier structure, bigger wheels, wider and longer decks, and a hand brake in order to better accommodate adults.

Lastly, there are also kick scooters that make use of bicycle wheels that enhances their speed such that they can already be used for racing. These are called kickbikes and they can also be used off-road as the big wheels can now tolerate rough terrains. For this reason, they are also named as mountain scooters. Kickbikes can also be utilized for commuting because of their improved speed, and for dog scootering as well wherein dogs pull the scooter with a rider, similar to how a sled is pulled in the snow.

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